Week 3: Evaluation of skills learned this week.

The skills I have learned this week are:

Recreating a double page spread using Adobe InDesign which is similar to another article. I use the skills I learned in week 1 to recreate this spread and also parts such as column outlines, headlines, pull-quotes and editing the pictures so that they fit in with the layout and theme of the spread. In industry, this job can be mostly applied to webpage designing and people who actually design the layouts for well-known magazine brands. Examples of these skills are analysing another article beforehand and looking at the features on it which make it look intriguing and interesting to read. Then, using the many different tools on Adobe InDesign, creating an article that looks as inviting to read as the ‘inspirational’ one- Which is the whole purpose of these skills, especially the analysing part, because it allows the spread creator to investigate what they could do in order to make their article aesthetically pleasing.

Another skill I’ve done this week is related to the General public’s vox pops, where we went out into the city centre to interview people on the refugee crisis. This required many skills because we had the interruptions of the city like other people walking around us and the windy weather as well. we had to ensure that we stood in the correct positions so that the audio was good quality (not to loud or quiet, with no scratches during it). We also needed to always remain professional by smiling, not standing too close to the interviewee and accepting whether or not they wanted to be interviewed or give their name and ages to us. These are the kinds of skills that many journalists have to carry out everyday or whenever they go out and interview the public. And the overall purpose of this skills set is to ensure that the vox pop interviews are carried out in a way that ensures that the interviewer or journalist receives the best and most honest answers from the interviewee, but also to receive the best quality audio possible for applying to a report or article.

Week 3: Evaluation of skills learned this week.

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