Week 2: Front page design and analysis


Magazine cover analysis

his is the magazine cover which I also analysed. Just like with the double-page magazine spread, I have taken note of all the features of this cover and how they make the cover look overall. I have also written a little evaluation on what I like about the cover and what I could do to improve it if I could.

The front headline is in a plain but eye-catching font. This is because the brightness of the pink stands out most of all but it is also colour coordinated with Taylor Swift’s clothing. These draw in the reader’s full attention and interest, particularly fans of Taylor Swift. The headline also reads “superstar”, which is the brand of the magazine, so it’s easily recognizable and well known. However, the fact that this magazine brand has a world- famous singer on its front cover means that the reader is definitely more likely to buy it, just for the news and gossip.

The picture of Taylor Swift takes up the whole of the magazine cover. This means that the whole magazine is going to be focused around Taylor Swift. Taylor has mainly her shoulders upwards showing and simply standing straight up on the cover. Her outfit and colour of it symbolizes her main music genre (country) and the magazine headline. This means that the whole magazine may be her music career, just by looking at how much of the front cover she takes up.

Her hair is styled in her usual curls and her make up would look ‘flawless’ to her fans. Also, her facial expression is almost as if she’s looking you in the eye and as if to say “Listen to my music, you’ll be sure to love it.” This kind of look would definitely make her fans buy the magazine. But also, men and male readers may find her very attractive too, because of how beautiful she may look on the magazine cover and because many men love her music too.

The fact that the main focus of the magazine is Taylor Swift is because the cover features everything to do with her, including many little side boxes (what the magazine will feature inside.) They’re all dotted around the cover in no orderly format. This may be because it wants you to carefully read each side box and become more interested and drawn into it- particularly Taylor Swift fans because they offer all the news and gifts that every fan could want: The side box saying ‘Star of June’ really stands out because it almost tricks the reader into thinking that the magazine is definitely worth reading.

And also, Taylor Swift has millions of fans across the world who look up to her and adore her music. Seeing her on the front cover of ‘Superstar may make the overall magazine more popular and definitely increase sales. The price is usually much much smaller than the other print or even on the back cover. This is because they don’t want customers to be put off by the price or make it look noticeable on the front cover.


What I like about this is that even though Taylor Swift takes up nearly the entire cover, it doesn’t look overwhelming with the image of her. This could also be because she looks like how she normally looks in her music videos, other magazine covers and her album covers as well. She is instantly recognized by millions across the world and never goes over the top with her image and hair and make-up. I also like how the cover features the Taylor Swift signature and logo, to show that what they’re promoting is official.

But if I were to change this cover for myself, I would rearrange the side boxes so that they look more organised and make the cover look more professional as a whole. I would also keep the text within the side boxes colour coordinated to match with the theme. Because it would look more neat and thought out thoroughly but also not be a massive overload of different colours.

Week 2: Front page design and analysis

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