Week 1: Evaluation of skills learnt this week.

This evaluation is outlining the skills I have learnt this week, what job in industry they’re used in, examples of skills used in industry and the purpose of these skills.

Firstly, I have learnt how to create a double page magazine spread using Adobe InDesign. I learnt many skills which helped me create my magazine spread, which included text buttons, shadow effects, columns holding the text and placing the pictures in so that they fit in with the tone and design of the spread. This kind of skill would definitely be used in industry by people such as Journalists themselves when they’re putting together their article and magazine/newspaper editors too. Examples of the skills used in industry include creating the columns so that they fit in with any pictures, pull-quotes and the overall layout and also editing the pictures so that they are positioned correctly in relation to everything else and look of a clear and good quality for the article, whilst also ensuring that they don’t overlap with any text or other pictures unless intended to. The purpose of these skills are to ensure that any magazine article looks interesting to read, is clear to read, interests the reader at first glance and most importantly, looks professional.

Another skill I have learnt this week is researching and the 5 W’s. This is because I have learnt how they play a part in any research process and article and also, why they exist. The jobs that these can be applied to are definitely journalism because this is how many journalists gain secondary research. Also, editors and researchers can use this skill prior to alerting journalists of the story they will be investigating. The purpose of this skill is that it allows researchers to gain a deeper understanding of a topic by looking out for various pieces of information (Who, What, Where, Why, When) which they may be able to include in their article or report. The way this works is that the researcher or journalist can investigate a story or topic and relate certain information to one of the 5 W’s.

In terms of my deadlines, I feel like I have reached all of my deadlines- However, with my career action plan, I haven’t been able to fill in all the boxes to do with the employment and volunteer section but only because I haven’t had any information to put into them.

Week 1: Evaluation of skills learnt this week.

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