Week 4: News diary 3

top news stories, week 3

1) “Three quarters of NHS hospitals ‘not safe enough”. (ITV News)

Recent statistics, according to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) show the a quarter of NHS hospitals in England are ‘not safe enough. A staggering 13% of some hospitals were rated ‘inadequate’ and 61% ‘requiring improvement’. As well as hospitals, a quarter of GP practices, GP out of hour services and adult social care services. This was due to: ‘staff not being trained properly, inadequate record-keeping and incomplete safety checks’, ‘patients being left overnight on trolleys without adequate nurse assessments’, ‘At one hospital, medicine was given out without first identifying it was the right patient.

Chief executive of Healthatch England, Katherine Rake said, “Today’s report from the CQC highlights that many people received good quality health and social care, but there is still unacceptable variation in the quality of services”.


  1. Cyber fraud epidemic revealed amid fall in traditional crimes”. (The i paper)

    A new epidemic had now formed, as statistics show ‘how organised gangs have shifted their operations from the street to the computer screen’. This new epidemic has caused overall crime figures to double too. From July 2014- June 2015, over 5.1 million acts of fraud occurred within England and Wales; along with an estimated 2.5 million cyber crime incidents with it too. This data released by the office for National Statistics has ‘outstripped’ the estimates of senior police chiefs, with people becoming a cyber fraud victim as frequently as every four seconds. These statistics of te cyber and fraud incidents also dramatically beat other forms of crime. For example, criminal damage at 1.3 million offences; violence at 1.2 million offences and vehicle related theft ar 872,000 offences reported.

    (The i Newspaper of the 16th October 2015)

  1. Mold taxi driver finds 4ft snake in cab.” (BBC News)

    67-year-old taxi driver Madge Allan, of Standways Private Hire in Mould, had a shock fro discovering a 4ft long corn snake under the seat of her cab. This was, apparently, after dropping off three passengers. This snake had escaped fro one of the passenger’s bags, according to the 67-year-old, who also said, “i have been a taxi driver for 28 years and have driven cats and dogs but never a snake. That’s a first.”


Week 4: News diary 3

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