Week 3: News diary 2

Top three news stories.

UK withdraws last ship dedicated to rescuing refugees after 15 children drown in the Aegean Sea (the Independent)

The government has recently made the decision to withdraw two rescue boats from the Mediterranean after 15 children at least were killed when attempting the same journey that killed Aylan Kurdi, the boy who was washed up on the Turkish beach. Even though the photos of this trauma alerted the UK to help more Syrians in need of help, two border force vessels between Turkey and Greek islands had stopped all the rescue work. Last month alone, 159 people, including 35 children had drowned crossing the Aegean Sea according to the charity ‘Save the children’.


Man due in court charged with murder of PC Dave Phillips” (BBC News)

An 18-year-old man is expecting the charge due to the murder of 34-year-old and married father-of-two PC Dave Phillips who died in Wallasey, Merseyside after a pick-up vehicle mounted a central reservation. Clayton Williams has been charged due to the murder and attempt to wound his colleague, along with the charges for burglary and the aggravated theft of a motor vehicle. PC Phillips died shortly after he attempted to halt the car using a tyre puncturing ‘stinger’.


Shocking footage shows near misses for reckless cyclist, drivers and pedestrians crossing train tracks”. (Mirror)

Shocking and frightening footage released by the British Transport Police (BTP) as a part of their campaign to raise the awareness of safety a level crossings. However, the footage posted on the Mirror website shows some people putting the lives at serious risk. For example, a normal man calming making his way across a railway moments before a train hurtles by; a cyclist crashing into the level crossing barriers and rescuing his bike back from the centre of the rail; and finally, a driver becoming trapped between the level crossing barriers before reversing back on to the road after ignoring the barriers coming down- the incident of this driver was recognised and as a result, was rewarded a £135 fine and 6 penalty points on her license.

The BTP has recorded , since 2014/15, 3,500 offences and 2,500 offenders dealt with at level crossings. This campaign is targeted at young people and students to remind them of the potential dangers at level crossings. “We have seen a drop in the number of offences at crossings, but there are still far to many people risking their lives”, said Inspector Becky Warren of the BTP.


Week 3: News diary 2

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