Week 3: Recreate double page spread

This week, we were using the software program Adobe InDesign to create our own magazine spread. I did this using another article spread in order to create my own spread similar to my ‘inspiration.’ After this, I have also written a detailed evaluation covering all the skills I’ve used and learnt; effective use of the skills including improvements and relating the skills to the job industry.

my magazine (Double page spread) analysis

lll    jonesmagazine02-pdf_page_3

The spread on the left is the one I have created using the spread I researched (on the right).

I have inserted columns for the majority of my text to sit in. I did this by creating a text box and selecting the paragraph forming tool along the top tool bar. I then selected the number of columns I desired which I could then apply my text to. The columns also have grids next to them so that they sit opposite each other at an equal distance apart and make the double page spread look more professional.

To get the individual text boxes, I selected the text button along the left tool bar and drew the text box, which elements of my spread like the pull quote and headlines could be. These made up the pull quote and the standfirst.

To change the colour of the text boxes, I used the colour tool on the right hand tool bar and it allowed me to select the most appropriate colour(s) for my spread. I chose light and pale greens because they corporate well wither the theme of the Taylor Swift, her music and the colours in the pictures. Also not forgetting the title colour too.

I also learnt a new skill that allowed me to give a shadow effect to the pictures. I used the shadow tool on the top tool bar and the pictures formed a shadow. This adds a unique feel and more creativity to the aesthetics of the overall spread.

On the right page, I had to remove the background in order to just get Taylor. This tested my skills massively because I had to transfer the picture to a different programme in order to remove the background and apply it to the double page spread. I also applied the Taylor Swift logo as the main headline. This is because it is on nearly all her albums and is very easily recognised by her fans. This immediately makes the topic recognisable and somewhat, official.

At the very bottom of both pages, I applied folios which show the date of the article and the page numbers too, which makes it look tidier and more professional.

Overall, the purpose of this skill set I have learnt and used this week is to produce a creative and interesting article that looks similar to my inspirational one. I wanted to create an article that looked interesting; looks professional but tidy and has the right kind of feeling in relation to the theme/topic.

These skills can even be used in industry too. Three examples include: All of these can be used within creating newspaper article and magazine spreads for a company for selling; researching other articles and double page spreads so that you can get an idea of what to create; the adjusting of the text in the columns and the images along with their effects can be used with advertising and web page development.

Judging myself, I feel that I have carried out these skills quiet effectively because I have created an interesting-looking piece compared to my inspirational one. I have used effective colours in relation to the pictures and topic; added shadow effects to the pictures, making them stand out more; places all the pull quotes, headlines and standfirsts in their correct places; and ensured that they are placed in an orderly and neat fashion. And I have also managed to use these skills to create a piece similar to another which I researched. I also think that I have used these skills in a way that allowed me to keep to the theme. For example, I used the Taylor Swift logo as the main headline and suitable pictures of her too. However, I could improve anything, I would ensure that all text (apart from the headlines) were the same size. This may even mean moving the pictures around a little bit or even adding or removing some too. But I would also do this in a way that would still make the double page spread look aesthetically pleasing to the reader.

These are the types of skills I would apply to jobs in industry as well. They would be: A newspaper article and magazine spread/cover creator and a journalist who writes the articles because they need to present the information in a well-created and professional-looking article.I personally believe that these skills are essential for getting me a job in industry- particularly as a journalist specialising in film and TV, because this kind of area is about performances, creative arts and the development of many excellent productions, in media and theatre. These skills would allow me to develop a magazine or newspaper spread that can grab the reader’s attention by the aesthetics of it and the creativity of it relating to the theme of the spread. Also along with an exceptional article that will have the reader coming back for more.

Week 3: Recreate double page spread

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