Week 4- Interview techniques.

This week, we looked at the different techniques we would need to consider when carrying out a successful interview. This is because we want to find out more information which could be used in an article and which could even balance out an argument of an article a little bit. However, we will need to consider the techniques we will need for an interview in order to gain reliable facts, opinions and even elements like making the interviewee feel comfortable and able to answer the questions without pressure. Also, recording the interview is vital because you can recap on what was said during it and apply it to the article. But ensuring that the quality of recording is clear and good requires consideration for a number of things: One of them is that the maintenance of the recording device is good and the battery life is long enough to last and the correct SD card is used. We needed to think of how as much of the background noise, weather and other surrounding distractions are eliminated as far as possible; and that the interviewee or interviewer aren’t standing too far away or close to the recorder.

But the following are a number of Interviewing techniques to consider for when an actual interview takes place: First of all, remaining professional at all times; That means eye contact, remaining calm with the interviewee and correct body positioning- This will show that you are engaged with the conversation. Another one is acknowledging the interviewee- This won’t disrupt the conversation but it still shows that you’re interested in what they have to say. Having a good range of knowledge yourself before asking any questions to an interviewee is crucial because if the interviewee has limited knowledge on your topic, you can then relate it to something they may understand. This way, they may understand the topic/scenario a little better and have more confidence as to answering the question. Listening is another vital technique because it shows that you are engaged with the conversation but also allows you to gain vital information from them. However, There may be a time when you will have to gently and politely interrupt an interviewee due to the time limits. This can done by the interviewer ‘leading’ the conversation on slightly themselves. Finally, having an idea of what questions are going to be asked prior to the interview may help it flow better without lots of pauses and stutters along the way.

Week 4- Interview techniques.

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