Week 3: Guide to adobe Audition CS6 and recording good audio

This week, we learnt how to apply, edit and put together a piece of audio using Adobe Audtion CS6. This also meant editing the audio files so that they are of a high quality before any more editing can begin. I have outlined the process of how I managed to do this and how I did each step.

Firstly, the things that make a good quality audio are: being able to hear what is being said loud and clearly along with the absence of any interruptions from surroundings and/or environments.

In order to achieve this good quality audio, various steps can be taken to do this. The first one is that when recording any dialogue, avoid standing too close or too far away from the person because there will either be unwanted scratchy sounds during the audio or it will not be loud enough. If it is being recorded outside, then stand away from the direction of any wind because it will help to prevent it from getting into the audio. Also, consider any possible background noises such as echoes, rain, other people and/or weather. This is because it would get into the audio as well, despite providing a poor quality to it.

Adobe Audition CS6 audio process


To upload the files, I clicked on ‘file’, ‘import’, ‘file’ (again) and I was able to browse through my files to look for and upload the correct ones.


On the left hand side, I had my three audio files opened. But before I dragged them on to the multitrack area, I clicked on to ‘multitrack’, which gave me the three bars on the left.

To move the audio bars to where I want them, simply clicked on them and dragged them up, down, left or right to move them along or to a different multitrack area.

The red line seen on every track bar is used to cut and delete certain parts of audio. To cut a piece of audio, I dragged the red line to the bit I wanted removed, and simply pressed ‘control, K’. Also, if I wanted to play a certain piece, I would drag it to where I wanted it and played it from there. To play or stop a piece of audio, I pressed the space bar.


I also wanted to edit the volume of certain parts of audio so that they all sounded the same volume. In order to do this, I selected the audio bar I wanted and selected the yellow line within that bar.

I clicked on it once and dragged that area up or down depending on the part I wanted to alter the volume on. I could drag on another part of the yellow line so that I could alter that part too or return the other part to normal volume after if I wanted too.

If I wanted to undo or return a part to what it was before, I selected that area and pressed ‘control, Z.’

Week 3: Guide to adobe Audition CS6 and recording good audio

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