Week 2: News diary 1

top news stories, week 1

Top three news stories.

Volkswagen emissions scandal: (The Independent)

Very recently, many cars built by one of the world’s most successful car-manufacturers Volkswagen have been deceiving many people including the US regulators about the levels of pollution coming out of their diesel engines. It turns out now that millions of cars are now emitting these dangerous levels of pollution, according to the tests carried out by the company. For example, some Nissan models are producing 14 times more levels of pollution than I considered safe. This overall scandal includes many other car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Peugeot, For and Mazda. However, Adac, (second biggest car manufacturer in the world) has used a stric emissions standard that won’t be available in Europe until two years time.

This news report is newsworthy because VW is a car brand that sales million of cars all across the world- This is a crisis that has happened all across the world and it has also causes a huge rise on unsafe pollution levels too. This will obviously decrease the trust levels in the customers but also make VW have a bad reputation across the world.

Car smoking ban: (BBC News)

The new law introduced in England and Wales in 2015 states that it is illegal to smoke in any vehicle carrying passengers under the age of 18, with a fine of £50 for anyone caught doing so by the police. This is even enforced when the sunroofs and main car windows are open. However, this does not apply to convertible vehicles with the roof down, nor to e-cigarettes. But this new law has many concerns relating to enforcement and priorities according to Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation, “ Should we be focusing on people smoking in cars with children in the cars or should we be focusing on burglaries?”

This news report almost has a target audience, which is people that smoke, in their home or in their cars. This has two sides to the argument: the side that is stating how it is now a law and will be dealt with as a ‘serious matter’, but also a side that doubts it all, due to the enforcement of the law. this two-sided argument create some more interest in the argument and the vox pops in it will add more detail to the matter.

Prince Harry at the Duke of York’s Royal Military school: (BBC News)

The Duke of York’s Military school in Dover welcomed Prince Harry as a visitor on Monday the 28th of September. This visit was a complete surprise to the students of the school as it was unannounced to them all. The prince was also presenting medals to some of the most outstanding pupils of the Military school.“I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked”, replied military band drummer, 14-year-old Megan Davidson. As the national anthem began to play, it wasn’t to hard for the student’s to guess who the special guest was either.

This was obviously a big story because a member of the royal family has recently visited a military school very locally. It was also an unexpected surprise for the staff and students too, so it would be interesting for the reader to gain an understanding of how the young people felt and what actually happened at this event.

Week 2: News diary 1

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