Week 2: Double page spread analysis.

Magazine spread analysis

article example

This was the magazine spread which i analysed: I took note on various parts using the correct terminology for each feature. I have also written a little evaluation of this, stating what I liked about this double-page spread but also what I could improve on it if I could.

The headline is all the same font size and the same colour, most likely to coordinate with the picture to the right. The headline does vary in terms of the font size; the word ‘visions’ is much larger than the rest of the headline. With the picture, it  immediately grabs the reader’s attention because it completely fills up the right hand page of the double-page spread.

This double-page spread features a two columns of bodycopy (the actual writing itself). However, because the pull quote is right in the center of the two columns, the words of the article, the positioning of the article almost ‘works its way round’ the pull quote. There is also a pull quote within the left side page as well. However, this pull quote is right in the center of the page, and the two columns are arranged around it. This pull quote stands out more than the article itself because the font size it much bigger and it’s right in the center of the page to possibly be the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention.

A two word crosshead is featured at the very beginning of the story. This highlights the celebrity’s name in the article and along with the fact that it’s at the very beginning, it gives the reader instant knowledge on who the article is going to be based around.

At the bottom of the double-page spread there are folios, which are, in technical terms, page numbers. It also states at the bottom who photographed the picture and even the name of the magazine.


What I personally like about this article is the positioning of different features on it; for example, I like how the pull quote is in the center of the page because it could be the thing that makes the reader read it first. Also, I like how the font and sizes of the writing are all suitable for the magazine spread and its topic because it doesn’t look to overwhelming and would still be clear enough to read.

But if I were to change anything about this magazine spread, I would firstly rearrange the positioning of the pull quote because I feel that even though it has benefits for being in the center, I feel that it interrupts the overall look of the bodycopy (article) columns too much. I would also edit the picture on the right page so that I could maybe add some extra smaller ones too. This is because I think the picture filling up the whole page is a little bit over the top and could be smaller with some more pictures or even with more of the article on that page too.


Week 2: Double page spread analysis.

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