Week 3, session 1- Interview questions ( Volkswagen emissions scandal)

My interview questions

My interview questions: the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

  1. Has any of your family owned a VW vehicle before?
  2. Were you surprised or shocked at the fact that 11 million vehicles worldwide has emitted such harmful levels of diesel fumes around the world?
  3. What impact do you think the nitrogen oxide levels will have on the earth’s atmosphere?
  4. Who else do you think the scandal, along with the nitrogen oxide levels, affects?
  5. Do you think that it was a wise decision for the chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, to leave the firm?

I interviewed Scott about Volkswagen’s emissions scandal: I asked him whether his family has or had ever owned a VW vehicle. He said his family has never owned any, since they’ve never been able to afford it. He stated he was quite shocked about the emission levels, but it’s not that worrying to him; so little contributes to pollution against other substances. “Protest organisations would be upset by this scandal. Almost like creating an enemy out of the brand,” Scott answered. Even though Winterkorn’s leave would mean a fresh start, “They’ve got a long way to go before trust is built again.”


This morning, we were looking at interviewing skills which would help us complete and conduct a successful interview and also how to conduct interview questions. We also looked at how these skills would benefit our interview preparation and even how an interview itself can add value and depth to any piece of writing. Firstly, we did this by looking at the different types of interview questions: open and closed questions. Then, we carried out secondary research in order for us to create our five questions, relating to our chosen topic (given from a choice of three.) After conducting the questions (2 closed, 3 open) we were given partners who we would interview our questions to. Once we completed our interview, we wrote up a 100 word article based on the questions we asked and the responses given. we also had to include two quotes from our interview answers within our article.


Overall, I believe that my interview was a successful one because I conducted questions that were clear and related well to my chosen topic. This was because my partner seemed to understand my questions quite clearly and as a result, I was given the answers that actually answered each question. I also took careful notes of the responses and ensured that I didn’t rush them, which would result in them not making sense or being unreadable.

However, I do feel that I could have improved my research skills a bit by looking out for more up-to-date and relevant information, which would have given me ideas for different open questions and closed questions. I also remembered that my eye contact wasn’t 100% either because I was mainly looking at my notes and either reading the questions or writing the answers down. However, to improve these skills, I will try and remember at least half of my questions off by heart so that I can look my partner more. This would also make me look more professional and prepared. I would also consider my research more carefully and maybe investigate different types of information relating to whether the question is open or closed.

Week 3, session 1- Interview questions ( Volkswagen emissions scandal)

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