Week 1: double page spread (Peace one Day) and spread evaluation.

This week features my article about Peace One Day, which I created using a programme called ‘Adobe InDesign.’ This programme allowed me to create my article on a two-page spread so that it looked professional and creative. Once that was completed, I wrote up an evaluation of my two-page article, evaluating the software skills I’d learnt and how I applied them; a comparison of my finished article to an ‘inspirational’ article; my overall view of the article and what I would do differently if I did it again.

peace one day article (PDF)

Peace One Day article evaluation

Article skills used.

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This evaluation relates to the two pictures shown above: the one on the left is the one I created using Adobe InDesign. the one on the right is my ‘inspirational’ article I used to help me create my own one.

This was the article I created about ‘Peace One Day’ using Adobe InDesign CS6. In order to create the article in this style, font and format, I had to use a number of new skills to shape and organise pictures, create the columns for the writing and give the most suitable font for the article’s topic.

For the pictures in my article, I had to make them look of a good quality by ensuring that they were all in the correct proportion with the box they were placed in. What I had to do was firstly move the box into the size I wanted the picture to be. Then, I clicked on to ‘object’, ‘fitting’ and ‘fit frame proportionally’. The picture I wanted would then be the correct size to fit the box and make the overall article look tidier and professional.

But to actually apply the pictures, I had to go to ‘file’ and there was a ‘place’ option which allowed me to select the pictures I wanted for my article and then drag them on to the desired place on the page I wanted them.

Next, I had to obviously present the written elements of my article in a professional way that still fits in well with the pictures and title. I have decided to do much of my written work on one page with all the pictures presented neatly on the opposite page. I took this inspiration for an example of an article with a similar format to mine. I liked how the pictures were arranged on one page with the writing in neat columns on the other page.

However, the skills I used in order to achieve these columns for my writing, I clicked on to the ‘paragraph forming controls’ which lead me to the bar which I selected the number of columns I required- In this case, two. The positioning and number of columns in my article relates to the inspiration from the other article and the professional appearance it brings to it all.

Next, I applied the skills I would need in order to make the writing bigger and a suitable font for the article. For the headline, I created a box, which the tool for this can be located on the left hand tool bar. I clicked on the ‘T’ and it allowed me to draw my box and type in the text I required. This was the same method I used for both the columns which held my actual article and my main headline too.

After that, I headed over towards the tool bar on top of the page to vary the font sizes and types in order to fit the theme and style of the article.

Comparison and overall layout.

I have used the left article example as an inspiration for me to gain ideas on how layout my article on Peace One Day. I feel that because I have had an idea in my head of how I’d like my article to look like. Now that I’m comparing my finished article with me inspirational article layout, I have very mixed opinions on my own work; the positive feelings I have are that I think that my article looks very neat and organised, and the colours look very professional and relate well to the topic of Peace One Day. However, looking at them both together, I feel that the way I’ve organised my pictures is a little bit too similar to the way that the other article has. And the writing on the other page is very similar too, with the headline on top and the article in two separate columns. However, I do feel that the font of the headline is more interesting and colourful on mine, whereas the other one is all the same font and plain black.


Overall, I believe that my article definitely looks the part of the topic of Peace One Day, due to the written quality of the article and the presentation of the double pages too. I feel that the colours of the headline box and the pictures I’ve used definitely blends in well and relates to the article topic. I also feel like most of my pictures are a good choice for the article too. However, I feel that they look a little bit untidy, due to the fact that there are a number of gaps between each picture. Even though the pictures look very aligned with each other, the gaps didn’t go unnoticed to me and I would have changed them if I went back to it.

If I was to go back and change my article in any other ways, I would firstly consider more carefully how I would arrange all my pictures to be more creative and different to all the others out there. I would also think about how I would arrange my columns of writing more differently. I could possibly altered the column sizes in a way which I could have also included more pictures or colours in that page of writing too.

Week 1: double page spread (Peace one Day) and spread evaluation.

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