Week 1: News conference notes.

This week, we split into groups of two and researched the latest front page news stories going on around the world. We had  to outline the main story; state why is was a main news story; who it was aimed at; and how the story was represented.

My news story: A front page story from the Daily Mail Online of an 18 year old veiled Palestinian student who had a rifle aimed at her by an Israeli soldier. This student was killed in a matter of minutes later after an attempt to stab a checkpoint guard.

This was the main story of the day mainly because there has been much tension between Jewish and Muslim countries for decades now. And so, the tension seemed to become more recognisable to many readers, since this tension  has caused an innocent 18 year old student to die this way. She died when she was shot by the same Israeli soldier 10 times after refusing to remove her veil and present the contents of her purse.

This story looks like it’s mainly aimed at our country’s leaders, governments and leaders of the Jewish and Muslim countries too. This could be because a young adult had been shot to death due to conflict between their countries. This may also make them become more alert of the problem and think of this horrific event as a wake up call to come up with solutions and prevent the tension and this situation from happening sooner.

This story is presented on the Daily Mail Online website as one of the top stories of the day. The report is written in a very factual manner with frequent paragraphing.It does, however, show some very graphic and violent images of the event, featuring the soldier pointing his rifle at the student, who is kneeling on the floor with her veil still on. The level of graphics in these images may show how bad the situation has actually gotten and may even encourage country’s leaders and even the public to voice a solution.

When we were sharing our story with the rest of the group, we had a couple of comments that were good point for this; One of them was the fact that other countries around the world can legally request to see your full face on demand if asked. this would be due to the safety of the public and public services in those areas. I did agree with this, but with a situation like this, I don’t believe shooting a student 10 times just to prevent her from stabbing would be necessary, especially if it was linked to decades of conflict.

Whilst sharing our news stories as a class, some of them had me asking questions: One group announced their story on the huge number of refugees that would be let into the country. Approximately a third of 120,000 would be let in over the next 5 years according to prime minister, David Cameron. This made me question this because of the fact that the UK has it’s own citizens in the same position- struggling to find shelter, a home and that many are relying on food banks too. We also discussed that the government and news are constantly sending out mixed messages about accepting these refugees into our country, whether we should or shouldn’t, legal or illegal. But overall, we concluded that the news story of the boy being washed up on the beach should be the ultimate message that these refugees should be accepted into our country legally to be given the help that they need. Also to prevent the same situation happening to anyone else as it did to the boy on the beach.

Week 1: News conference notes.

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