Induction: Peace One Day

Peace One Day artical

This is my written article about the ceasefire World Peace Day that has existed since 1990 and outlines the journey of one man who believed he could create that one day in the year where almost all peace was eliminated.

Peace One Day.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have one day in the year where all violence and conflict was eliminated around the world? Because of the organisation ‘Peace One Day’ which was founded in 1999, the ceasefire peace day 2015 is just round the corner, with billions around the globe now aware of the event and millions acting more peacefully on behalf of it.

On the flip side, there are any more of those who believe there’s more to peace day than just ‘peace’. And one of them is actor turned film-maker Jeremy Gilley. You could call him the brains behind this non-profit organisation; since the 1990s, Gilley had begun to question the meaning of ‘peace’ and the nature of humanity. And so, along with inspirational recordings of mothers and children suffering in conflict-infested countries and the demand for his questions answered, Jeremy Gilley embarked on his documented journey to have Peace One Day as an official date on our calendars. But one thought has stuck in Gilley’s head all since the beginning of his documentary: if he fails, “the world would not be willing to change…”

The journey of all Gilley’s endless ambitions, obstacles and immense hard work was all worth it when, in 2001, his efforts were rewarded as the United Nations finally adopted the first day in which the world’s citizens would celebrate the first every ceasefire day. And so, Peace One Day was officially born.

Since its grand opening in 2001, millions around the world are becoming more and more aware of the purpose of this day. Statistics show that in 2012 across the world, 280 million people knew about this organisation along with its special day. But 2013 shows a staggering 68% increase in people being aware of Peace One Day- with over 470 million people! And as a result, 1-2% (4-8 million) of those exposed behaving more peacefully with non-violence.

From 2001 to 2014, Peace One Day has risen to what us humans-especially Jeremy Gilley, thought would never be possible: From 280 million people aware of the day to an unbelievable 1 billion people worldwide! With millions within this group celebrating in many ways. Also from what was just a documented journey to change the world to successfully becoming official dates on our calendars, Peace One Day has now educated humanity on the meaning of ‘peace’ for over a decade.


Induction: Peace One Day

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